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Twinkle Tots: (ages 2-3) 40 mins


Cheer 101: (ages 4-5) 40 mins

Cheerleading Fundamentals

Cheer 102: (ages 6 & up) 60 mins

Cheerleading Fundamentals


I Love Cheer: (ages 6 & up) 60 mins



iFly: (ages 6 & up) 60 mins

Stunt & Motion Prep

Cheer Classes

Glitter Babies: 60 mins

Sparkle: 60 mins

Minis:  90 mins

Shimmer: 90 mins

Junior Varsity: 120 mins

Varsity: 120 mins

Performance Team

All classes are dependent upon age and are approximately 40-60 mins.


Hip Hop




*Coming Soon

Dance Classes

Tiny Twisters: (Preschool ages 3-5) 40 mins

This 40 minute class is for students who are ages 3-5. This class curriculum is based on foundational concepts. 


Glam: (Beginners) 60 mins

This hour class is for students with no experience in tumbling. This class will learn forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and back bends as well as other skills that introduce tumbling basics. 

Class Goals: Forward Rolls, Backwards Rolls Run-Jump-Forward Roll Down Wedge, Lunge Handstand, Hurdle, Cartwheel, Cartwheel Step In-Rebound, Backbend, Bridge kick over

Glitz: (Intermediate) 60 mins

This hour class is for students that have mastered a backbend, handstand, and cartwheel. In this class students will learn round offs, back walkovers and begin to learn back handsprings and front flips as well as other tumbling skills.

Class Goals: Handstand, 2 Shoulder Taps, One Arm Cartwheel, Round Off- Off Panel Mat, Run-Hurdle-Round Off Rebound, Back Walkover, Back Handspring, Front Handspring, Dive Roll, Handstand Forward Roll, Handstand Snap Down- Off Mat, Handstand to Bridge, Front Limber

Heat: (Advance) 60 mins

This hour class is for students who have mastered a back walkover and can do a clean back handspring. We will begin to learn skills that fly through the sky and use no hands, such as aerials. Running tumbling is introduced in this class.

Class Goals: Handstand ½ Pirouette, Handstand Snap Down, Fly Back, Front Walkover, Power Hurdle Round Off, Aerial, Jump to Tuck, Front Tuck, Back Handspring Step Out, Round Off Back Handspring

Boys Can Flip: (All Boys) 40-60 mins

This class was created for boys only. The above skill levels and development will apply.

Tumble Lessons
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